amaSocial delivers real-time social media insights through AI

Published: Thursday, November 16, 2017

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amaSocial is harnessing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to offer brands and businesses faster, smarter social media insights. With the help of AI, the social media tracking and reporting service can now notify clients of social media issues as they happen and reveal instant intelligence about their PR and marketing efforts. 

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    amaSocial’s new instant sentiment analysis feature highlights issues in social media conversations, while its trend-spotting feature delves into social media data to find customer intelligence and industry trends.

    According to Gavin Coetzee, a representative of amaSocial, the service relies on an AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) engine to deliver these results.

    “The NLP engine uses the mechanics of language to understand the meaning and sentiment of posts,” he explains. “It allows us to provide PR and marketing agencies with insights into the positive and negative conversations surrounding their brands. This Data Engine analyses sentiment automatically, which means clients can receive their insights immediately.”

    How amaSocial’s technology keeps brands in the know

    The NLP engine that amaSocial uses is driven by machine learning. This artificially intelligent process enables computers to create their own algorithms for processing data. It involves feeding computers training data, which they ‘learn’ from, and creates models that can process new data in a similar way.

    Through machine learning, the Data Engine recognises when specific people, places, events, or concepts are appearing more frequently in social media posts. It automatically extracts these ‘entities’ or emerging topics of discussion and notifies clients of the trends.

    The engine can also recognise when social media users start using new variations of words, such as slang or shorthand. Machine learning enables the engine to add these terms to its vocabulary, allowing it to evolve as the language it processes evolves.

    “The Data Engine’s development team is intricately involved in training the system and verifying its analysis at various intervals. The result of this combination of human and AI capabilities is an ever-expanding Data Engine that continually improves its processing accuracy.”

    Social media is not only a forum where people interact with one another 24 hours a day, but also a treasure trove of data and information. Through AI, amaSocial reveals the information brands need to proactively address issues and unlock the insights that help them achieve marketing success.

    About amaSocial

    amaSocial is a complete social media tracking and reporting service. It helps social media marketers, community managers and analysts to measure social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

    Businesses and brands use this service to track social media ROI, identify potential influencers and ambassadors, and gather information on target markets, competitors and topics of business interest. Gain unique social media insights and understand the contribution social media makes to your business with amaSocial.

    For more information, visit or contact +27 10 020 5250.