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Published: Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Newsclip Media Monitoring is making it possible for brands to get all their media coverage, from traditional press coverage to mentions of their brand on social media, in a single, online destination.

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    Marketers and PR professionals often have to use many different tools in order to track the media coverage they receive in print publications, broadcasts, online articles and social media platforms.

    Newsclip Media Monitoring now makes it possible for these teams to get all their media coverage, from traditional press coverage to mentions of their brand on social media, in a single, online destination.

    “Monitoring all media channels, including social, is vital for brands that want to build their reputation and measure the return on investment of their marketing spend,” explains Catherine Dabbs, a representative of Newsclip. “To achieve this, monitoring services have to offer businesses a comprehensive, in-depth view of their brand’s image and robust reporting tools.”

    In line with this business requirement, Newsclip is offering brands more easy-to-download reports for deeper insights into their social media coverage – right from its media monitoring platform. 

    The additional reports are available as part of the company’s Social Stream+ solution, a complete social media monitoring feed that features on Newsclip’s online media tracking platform, Gate5.

    Instant, accurate reporting is a must

    Social Stream+ was added to Gate5 in March 2017 to provide multi-channel monitoring and reporting for brands. 

    "It’s crucial for marketing and PR teams to not only report on their media coverage but also on the performance of the media channels they use – and to do so accurately at a moment’s notice,” Dabbs says. 

    This is especially true when considering the speed at which conversations happen on social media. With instant access to comprehensive reports, brands can jump on growing trends or take immediate action to avoid PR issues.

    The new reports include the Top Author Report, which identifies the social media users that mention your brand most frequently. The new Overview Report shows the performance of each of your social media platforms, displaying data in trend graphs and charts. 

    Social Stream+ users also have access to the Listing Report, where they can view all mentions of the brand. The Word Cloud Report visually displays hashtags and handles that are mentioned most frequently so users can identify key themes and topics .  

    The documents are available at the click of a button.

    “This new development makes Gate5 an even stronger platform for staying up to date with your brand’s coverage,” Dabbs says. “Whether you want to check where your press release was published or who is discussing your brand on social media, Gate5 is the only solution you need to keep up with your coverage.”

    Visit to learn about Newsclip’s media intelligence solutions.  

    About Newsclip

    Newsclip is a brand tracking company with over 30 years’ experience in media monitoring and measurement. The company uses the power of automation to provide clients with insights into their communication efforts. It monitors media channels across South Africa and 51 countries throughout Africa, where it is constantly expanding its reach of media titles.