Rapidly expanding media directory offers new opportunities for PR

Published: Friday, July 6, 2018

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Target Media Directory is celebrating the addition of 500 new media sources to its online directory - it provides all the latest information on the media, such as profiles, audience demographics, circulation and ad rates so that PRs can tailor their press releases and reach new media.

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    Keeping media lists up to date is a major challenge in the PR industry, especially with the increasing number of publications, broadcast stations and online sites available today. To secure media coverage, PR teams need to target the right media titles and reach out to new media.

    In response to this need, online media database Target Media Directory has added the details of over 500 publications, radio and TV stations, websites and blogs to its extensive database – this year alone.

    “It’s very difficult for PR agencies to have up-to-date media lists because the media landscape is always changing,” explains Marina Kruger, media manager at Target Media Directory. “Online media directories are the new media lists. They’re constantly updated so they’re always current”.  

    Target Media Directory’s online media database contains in-depth information about each media title – including reach, audience, circulation, advertising rates and the topics and industries covered. The dedicated team behind the directory constantly updates the database, giving the PR industry access to the latest information about every media title.

    Kruger explains that online media databases like Target Media Directory also offer the best way to find new media to reach out to, because the database is constantly expanding. “We expect the directory to grow as our reach expands into Africa, which will give PR teams access to more information when they create their media lists.”

    Strengthening media relationships

    A vital part of getting your press release published is understanding the needs and requirements of the media you connect with. “The better you understand the media that you reach out to, the better your relationship with their journalists and editors will be,” says Kruger.

    “Once you know exactly which industries a publication or station covers, as well as the audience they are targeting, you’ll be able to tailor your press release to suit them – and increase your chances of getting published. The result is better, healthier relationships with the media.”

    Target Media Directory is relaunching its website,, with a new blog, to reflect the ever-expanding, diverse nature of the media directory. Visit the site for more information and for details on how to sign up.