Corporate & educational institutions benefit with new Apple deployments 

Published: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Apple has introduced two new deployment programmes likely to be music to your IT Manager’s ears: The Device Enrollment Programme (DEP) offers companies a fast, streamlined way of deploying corporate-owned Mac or iOS devices, while the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) allows companies or educational institutions to volume-purchase and distribute apps required for work purposes. 

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This will come as welcome news for corporates and institutions, as both programmes offer greater convenience and increased security. Alan Goldberg, Education Director at Digicape – a premium Apple reseller and total solutions provider – explains that DEP makes it possible to streamline operations through the once-off set-up and mass deployment of devices.

“This means that a brand new device can be delivered – unopened – to an end user. As soon as the power button is switched on and the user signs in (provided the device is connected to the Internet), it will automatically set itself up in-line with the company or institution’s predefined requirements, negating the need for manual configuration.”

VPP, on the other hand, makes it easy for organisations to find, purchase and distribute apps remotely, on devices enrolled in the corporate or education management system.

Says Goldberg, “Another advantage of VPP is that when deploying specific managed applications, institutions have the ability to choose where and how the user stores data, and can also recall apps when the user is no longer affiliated with that organisation.”

 “Both DEP and VPP offer an improved, seamless experience, making it simple for corporate and educational institutions to speedily deploy devices and safely distribute content to users,” concludes Goldberg. 

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