The story behind GINGERNIA Beverage.

Published: Monday, May 21, 2018

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Most of you are questioning/wondering what is this. The organization entered the market this year. In the tasting and research of ingredients and consumer response, there has been great understanding on what the objectives of the beverage should be. Below is the message from Nondzaba Communications elaborating on the objectives of the NIA Organization.

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“There has been a lot of question of what is this beverage and it’s plans to go forward. We’ll start off by stating this, that as person take 10-15 seconds to view what’s in your fridge. Look at the products and what they contain and whether you have healthy items in there. Above it all, look at how many products in there are organic or are not artificial in ingredients mixtures. We are fully aware of the fact that food would be more expensive should all products take the route of being manufactured under organic rules, however we’d like you to think of the fact why is the cost of your fruit and vegetables at an affordable cost. The reason for that is because it is units that are affordable and not demanded as much as they are suppose to be – look into the Economics theory of Demand and Supply graph inserted below. The layout would give you more clarity what we want you to interpret.

Don’t forget one thing, you are in Africa and we have been blessed with the resources of having the having natural ingredients grow around us. Can we please look into the level of health the things we eat and drink is on.

We like mentioning the brands message: We believe an offering that takes time to produce for the perfect taste can only fulfil a thirst with appreciation.

The developing manufacturing system is currently being discussed by Nondzaba Communications as they want to increase the amount and scale of units manufactured and supplied.

It brings great joy to Nondzaba Communications that they are producing a Proudly South African product.

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