Accounting Software Solutions Provide Perks to SMEs

Published: Friday, September 21, 2018

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South African entrepreneurs and small business owners are pulled in every direction on a daily basis - needing to lead their business across all departments and switch between roles in operations, sales and finance in a matter of minutes. 

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While support in these areas is often too costly for SME consideration, financial software solutions have provided small business pioneers with much-needed relief. “Just when SMEs thought they had found their winning solution, we’re back with an exciting announcement that will see them tap into the power of cloud technology and receive the continuous added value and support they need.”

This is according to Gary Epstein, Managing Director at EasyBiz QuickBooks - the exclusive South and Sub-Saharan African distributor for the world’s leading accounting software solutions, QuickBooks.

“We are delighted to announce that our latest in software technology, the QuickPerks Portal, is available to QuickPerks subscribers, having officially launched on 1 September 2018.”

The QuickPerks Portal is the latest addition to the QuickPerks offering – an annual premium subscription support service for QuickBooks Desktop users.

“The days of our customers accessing key financial data exclusively through their desktop machines are officially over. The QuickPerks Portal takes the desktop experience to new heights by extending fundamental functionality into the cloud,” he adds.

The addition is an online portal that keeps customers - and their software - updated at all times, revolutionising the way SMEs interact with QuickBooks desktop products.

Epstein explains that with the QuickPerks Portal Customer App, users get a bird’s eye view of their banking and customers - all organised in one place. The App also enables on-the-go access to customer lists from QuickBooks Desktop - whether using a browser, smartphone or tablet.

“The QuickPerks Banking App also marks the end of tedious manual bank reconciliations thanks to automatic bank imports. Users can import bank statement transactions and map them to the correct accounts. With the QuickPerks web connector, these transactions are then directly reflected in the QuickBooks Desktop software,” he says.

Another helpful resource on the platform, says Epstein, is the QuickTips section where software efficiency tips and tricks will be published regularly. “We know how important it is to stay organised and keep all updates and releases accessible and in one place so that users can always just be a click away from the information they need to use their desktop software efficiently and effectively.”

“It is also important to us that we provide loyal QuickBooks users with something to thank them for their ongoing support. This has led to the development of our upcoming loyalty program launch which will enable customers to earn points for their interactions with QuickBooks and exchange these points for discounts on their QuickPerks annual license renewal fee.”

“Points will be awarded to customers for specific interactions from training bookings and module purchases, to actively engaging with us on social media,” he adds.

With efforts to constantly evolve and meet the needs of small business leaders, Epstein highlights his hope that QuickBooks users find the new QuickPerks Portal addition useful in helping to optimise their accounting processes, improve accuracy and compliance, as well as better serve their client base.

“If you’re a SME and not set up with an EasyBiz QuickBooks package, now might be a good time to find out why QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software in the world,” he concludes.

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