Adclip relaunches as the ultimate ad tracking tool 

Published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We are excited to announce the recent relaunch of Adclip, a fully automated ad monitoring service which accurately and seamlessly tracks your ads, as well as those of your competitors, in over 2400 print and digital publications.    Designed to give clients the flexibility to manage, categorise, and showcase your advertising campaigns, Adclip puts you in complete control of your ad tracking. 

    You have just spent a significant portion of your ad budget on a new campaign, but how can you verify that your ads have been placed correctly? Do you know what campaigns your competitors are running or their ad spend? 

    Adclip has recently re-launched as a fully automated ad monitoring service, so that you can easily, accurately and seamlessly track your ads, and those of your competitors, in over 2400 print and digital publications.

    Using keyword matches, the interactive application displays ads in full colour, including the advert category, AVE, publication metadata and a mapping of the ad’s placement within a 2-page spread. Putting all the information you need at your fingertips. 

    The quick search function allows you to navigate through your categorised ads with ease, while user generated filters, Sortbins and media monitoring lists give you complete control over your ad management.

    The key pillars to this bespoke advertising monitoring service are Ad Verifier and Ad Tracker.

    Ad Verifier allows you to track your own ads and include your placement schedule on the application to verify that they have been placed correctly; while simultaneously ensuring trademark protection and that franchises are adhering to the correct brand messages.

    Ad Tracker provides you with a strategic advantage, where you can gain insight into how your competitors are advertising, the media channels they are using and their ad spend. This also allows you to stay up-to-date with new product launches, price benchmarks and competitor strategies.

    Beyond Adclip, Newsclip’s industry leading Digital RedBook offers a neat and professional way to showcase ad campaigns in a fully customisable and easily shareable e-book. Tracking, categorising and displaying your ad campaigns has never been this easy. 

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    About Newsclip

    Newsclip has over 30 years’ experience in media monitoring, content management and analysis; providing clients with customisable media solutions. The company monitors the full media landscape in South African, along with an expanding African, international and social media portfolio. Additional services, which are unique to Newsclip, include the Digital RedBook, Adclip, Target Media Directory, mypressoffice and amaSocial.

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