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Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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amaSocial has broadened its scope to encompass the social network that businesses cannot afford to ignore – Instagram.  amaSocial is a social media monitoring tool designed to optimise implementation, performance and measurement of your social media strategy. 

    amaSocial, the essential social media monitoring tool, is broadening its scope to encompass the social network that businesses cannot afford to ignore – Instagram. 

    Today, high definition cameras are everywhere. There’s one in nearly every pocket. This is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, contributing to a more visually-orientated world. We take pictures and videos of everything we can, from everyday moments to monumental events. Technology has enabled us to share our lives, and not just through the written word – now we can show it.

    If there’s one social network that was designed expressly for this purpose and embraces the new visual-first era, it’s Instagram.

    The mobile photo and video sharing social network continues to capture audiences by giving them a space for bold creativity, to present their creations (and themselves) to the world. Increasingly, brands and corporates are embracing the platform for the very same reason. Therefore, it is essential that PR and marketing professionals have the platform on their radar, and amaSocial makes this easy to achieve. 

    amaSocial is a complete social media monitoring, management, and reporting tool which businesses can now use to stay on top of Instagram’s visual revolution by tracking @handles, #hashtags, keywords and profiles, as it does with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    Tracking ROI on social media is easy and convenient with amaSocial, allowing for the optimisation of strategies in terms of their implementation, performance, and measurement. Tailored reports can help to identify potential Influencers and Advocates – invaluable information in any social media landscape, especially on a network with over 500 million active users. 

    No business can afford to have social media blind spots anymore, especially with platforms that impact audiences with the power that only images can carry. It’s no longer just about listening and being heard, today people also want to see and be seen.


    About amaSocial  

    amaSocial is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to track brands, conversations, profiles, and topics across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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