Newsclip helps you keep an eye on competitors

Published: Thursday, October 8, 2015

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How does your brand’s media coverage fare in comparison to your competitors’? Not sure? Newsclip has you covered with their reengineered competitor analysis offering on Gate5. Thanks to the media monitoring mavens, now you can easily determine your position and strategically use it to your advantage.

    This new ‘competitor share of media voice’ offering not only allows clients to compare their brand against their competitors’, but also compare like-on-like products or services.

    Clients receive the data required for comparative competitor tracking, the clip count and AVE. Should there be a spike in a competitor’s coverage, clients will have the option to unlock and view selected clips to determine why. This ensures that clients are able to easily manage and review only the media coverage most relevant to them.

    Analysis features, for on-the-go insights, include trend graphs which display the results over a one-week period as well as a rolling four-week period. In addition, clients can search for clips by keywords across any coverage received, and have the flexibility to select and move clips from one Data-bin to another.